The Pose artist soldier has been Caught!!

The guy who wore Tanzanian Military Uniform and took a pose picture Arusha Town M.P Godbless Lema, with while CHADEMA ( the largest opposition party in Tanzania) was on its political gathering at Manyara on 23rd December 2012 has been nailed by the police. Report Says Abubakar Sufian (29) was Caught yesterday after being hunted for more than two weeks. The Military Spokes man has confirmed that the man has been caught and still is in the hands of the Police since is not what he has been said to be. " He had join the Army, in 2003 from Makutupola Base, but he did not finish the training, he ran away, since then he has been coning people that he is TPDF Soldier.

Picture credit: Mwananchi.

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