Kenyan Gossip: See what Vera Sidika Flaunts Now Days Instead of Expensive Weaves

Vera Sidika is very much keen to get to the next level away from the posing and hosting at any spot and any event.
Well, except the very  A list stuff. She has always had a level of class about her and her latest moves like featuring in and making the top Nigerian artistes' video trend, have marked her as quite the female personality in demand.
Well, her items of shopping have also changed and she no longer flosses about basic like weaves, skin products, and shoes, she has become an art collector. Indeed she has taken time to remind us of her love for art and this time flossing a piece of elephant painting worth 'only' Ksh. 150.000.
Well, it is not even close to the million dollar valued paintings but everything is by Kenyan standards and the fact that Vera Sidika says she expected it to be expensive and that she is ready to spend any amount of money just to get it tells you the kind of lanes this lady rolls in. Here is the quite interesting piece of art ;


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