Temptations From A Married Woman

EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do Not read If You Are Holier Than Thou
I love women but I never fancy married or taken women. I just don’t like stealing peoples treasures. Guys get killed for that kind of stuff. And if I have a girl too, I can’t let another guy steal her from me. If it happens, I’ll crush his balls into unga and cook ugali with it. Yes, I play this game with a tinge of morals. But sometimes, temptations exceed morals.
Logically, it’s easy to say that it’s wrong to sleep with another man’s wife. But when her body is pressed against yours submissively and you can smell the conditioner in her hair (strawberry), and that storm cloud of passion created by her desire has began clouding around the two of you, saying no is harder than trying to guide the Kenyan soccer team to the world cup finals.
Such was my encounter with Samantha. I met her at the OLX Social Media Awards a few weeks ago, where I was a nominee. After the winner of my category was announced, I had sunk into a curled up ball of disappointment, sad that I didn’t scoop the award. Then a soft hand tapped on my shoulder from behind. I turned back to see a beautiful woman
“Hey…you are Philip Etemesi right?” she asked
“Yes I am.” I responded
“I am Samantha…sorry you didn’t win. I was rooting for you. Though sometimes you annoy me with what you write.” She complained and consoled me at the same time.
Our conversation kicked off from there. Without any invitation, she jumped from her seat to the empty one next to me.
Samantha seemed like a bright, successful well-bred woman. She looked young, short, with long hair, gentle eyes and a smile that arced just a little wider on one side. Her red miniskirt showed off a pair of perfectly curved legs. She was dressed to turn men into beasts.
My mouth had no alternative but to water at the sudden thought of tasting her, burying my head between those smooth thighs that she had kept lotioned and shiny. They looked like fine cheese,
Getting horny at public events is never a noble thing but Samantha made everything different. I inhaled carefully and almost lost sense of time at the scent of her skin – a mixture of perfume and natural aura. It was hot and sweet, tempting. In my life i had never known such a potent, though faint scent of need. As though her flesh was rioting with it, despite the composure that poured off her body in waves. The unique scent swirled about my senses, stroking them, heating my body. The animal within roared out in demand as i fought to still its ravenous call.
I was confused. Only with extreme control did i keep my manhood from coming to instant attention, the effect was so instantaneous. Blood thundered through my veins, pumping a heady message to sensitive nerve endings and primitive desires. This woman, what was she made of?
At the end of the award show, I wanted to leave with my buddies but Samantha insisted on dropping me to my place in her Mitsubishi. I didn’t really want to chipo anyone because a girl that I really liked was coming to my place early the next morning. And we had ‘chochad’ each other about the crazy things we would do to each other.
I couldn’t resist Samantha’s offer anyway because she was just ‘dropping’ me,
On our way though, things escalated, She kept asking me if I am as good as a I claim to be in my articles. After affirming her curiosity, she touched my chin and told me I was babyfaced.
“I read somewhere that you are 25. Is that so?” she asked
“Yes I am.” I told her
“You look younger though. And very cute.” She purred
“Thank you. I get that a lot.” I calmly brushed her sentiments off
In the dark of the night, she drove like Lewis Hamilton, her cute feet, pressing hard on the gas in heels, We didn’t take much time to arrive and soon after pulling up at our gate, I offered her my gratitude. However, when I was about to get out of the car, she pulled me back and placed her hand on my crotch. A bold move that caught me by surprise.
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“F****ck me in this car Philip. Please!” she said, grabbing and feeling my ‘D” between my jeans in the process,
Emotions, exploded in me, I still don't understand what has given me so much of late. Either way, a romp in the car was too good an offer for any man to refuse,  Samantha suggested the back seat so we got out and got to the back, rushing like madmen in the process, My hood is always safe and each section of compounds has a main gate leading to them. We had already drove past the watchman so no one would see us.
We wasted no time. I turned her head, groaned at the trust and the depth of emotion in her eyes before I covered her lips with my own. Her lashes fluttered against her cheeks as she moaned hungrily. Her lips opened for me, her tongue twining with mine immediately. I couldn’t help but flinch at the incredible pleasure that washed over me from her mouth. Sweet Samantha
My hand moved from her hip, desperately loosening the large buttons of her shirt so my hand could cup her breast. It was warm and huge, the nipple a hard little pinpoint of need against my palm. She cried out my name, trying to muffle the sound against my shoulder as my fingers tweaked the little point. She was fire in my arms, and suddenly my control was desperately weak.
My lips slid from hers, over the delicate, stubborn chin, along a throat so soft and upto her boobies. Tipped with dark brown, engorged nipples, my hand curved around one pale mound, plumping the flesh further. “Philip!” her cry was desperate as i lowered my head and covered the hot tip.
Samantha arched to me, aiding me as I jerked the shirt from her, nearly ripping it in my need to uncover her wonderful body. My hands went to the drawstring of her skirt, loosening them, pushing them past her hips, desperate to sink my fingers into the soft flesh of her cunt
My tongue laved one nipple as she kicked her skirt free of her body, then laved the next as i pushed her legs apart. I could barely breathe for the exquisite pleasure i found in touching her. Her nipples hardened further beneath my tongue, flushing, reddening from the suckling motions of my mouth.
“Easy,” i groaned as her hands clawed through my head, her body trying to move even closer. There was no easy with her though. Arousal, both natural and drug induced was pouring through her body. I could feel her tremble against me, hear her desperate cries in my ears. I tried to fight the need and rushing desperation of my own instincts. I wanted this time to be one of pleasure for her, not one of rushed release. If i gave her nothing else, i wanted to give her the memory of the greatest pleasure possible.
My hand smoothed over her abdomen, my fingers shook, amazing me, as i drew closer to the bare flesh of her punani. As my fingers touched the petal smooth perfection of her cunt, my blood pressure sharply increased.. Her juices coated the silken lips like soft warm syrup. My fingers slid through the narrow slit, drawing the wet silk in its wake as my lips slid from breasts to abdomen, moving unerringly to the fragrant heat of her cunt.
“Uuuuuuh!” Confused passion filled her voice as i moved, drawing her thighs further apart, determined to taste the liquid perfection of her crazy longing for me.

by Philip Etemesi

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